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Tennessee Titan released a New Jersey Titans released the New Jersey fans: those new helmets were pretty good. The new coach, the new season, the new robe. In a news conference on the streets of downtown Nashville on Wednesday night, Tennessee Titan showed us the New Jersey. As soon as the New Jersey came out, the fans were immediately praised, but in the coming months and years, the new blue robe would be accompanied by the team's generals. It was reported that the Titan had designed the New Jersey for 4 years, and the sponsor's problem was suspended for a period of time from 2014 to the end of 2017. NFL executives are very satisfied with the design concept of Nike Amy Yang Yang Si J Trenc, the New Cheap Jerseys From China has more new elements, and pays more attention to details. The team wants to retain several main colors of navy blue and Columbia blue, white and silver, and the "burning stud" in Greek mythology should also be designed on helmets. In order to make the helmet look more fierce, the design team wants to change the original white. So they first consider the different kinds of colors, the final decision of navy. In addition to color and team marks, designer J Trenc also stressed two things: to ensure the characteristics of Tennessee and to remain mysterious, before the release of the new uniforms, any fan was ignorant of the details. During the 4 years of the new formation, Nike will sign a confidentiality agreement with everyone who has seen the uniform, including the coach, and so on, which is very strict. The helmet is mainly composed of navy blue. Besides, there are two stripes in white and dark blue, which keep the team's "burning stud". Like a helmet, the design color of the New Jersey also matches the helmet, with two white and silver shields on both sides of the shoulders, and the Nike Red Hook marks on it. This is the first time that Nike is using a double color color in the design of the shirt. The numbers behind each Jersey are imitating the shape of the northeast corner of Tennessee, which is very characteristic of Tennessee. Besides, the stars with red collars on the collar are just like stars and stripes. When asked to use a word to describe the New Jersey, manager Joe Robinson Titan used cheap nfl jerseys "ferocious" this word. "I think that's what we want. The new shirt's design idea is great. It looks very violent and fierce. It's in line with the team's emphasis on the fighting spirit. We want to see every player in it to kill the Quartet." At the press conference, the Titan quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita, line guard Ryan oaq, near front Delaney Walker, security Kevin - Andrew, defense front Jurel Casey and others all walked to the stage to show the New Jersey to the people. Finally, let's take a look at the reaction of the fans. "Those new helmets are popping up!" "Thank you, Amy, wholesale jerseys for a wonderful night." "Hey @NFL, now Nashville is held draft!"
Buy the NFL team as a birthday gift? Currie is preparing for a group to buy Panther Stephen curry, today's NBA's well deserved superstar, has a far-reaching commercial vision. He just passed his 30 birthday and he seemed to want a different birthday gift -- a NFL team, his favorite team, Carolina Panthers. Since the last season before the Black Panther boss Jerry Richardson because of personal behavior problems were forced to abandon the Carolina Panthers, the Panthers as a loyal fans, but also the NBA's highest paid player, Stephen - Curitiba had issued an acquisition of the Panther idea, he with the famous rapper Diddy wanted to buy the team. But for them, the Black Panthers with a market value of up to 2 billion 300 million dollars is obviously not the two person who can be solved by Curie and boast, so when people think they are just joking, Curie is really thinking about this. Now there was no doubt that curry's determination, he and Diddy teamed up with the Robin commercial giant Michael formed a consortium, plans for the Carolina Panthers started bidding. On Monday, the well-known sports brand "Fanticic" boss, also known as the Michael - Robin to the NFL formally launched the application, ready for the competition ownership of a panther, the famous businessman is a famous sports team shareholder, his hands holding 76 people in Philadelphia, New Jersey and the Premier League team NHL cheap jerseys devil Crystal Palace shares. His identity is estimated at $3 billion. Now Robin and curry is composed of the acquisition of group is much more likely to buy the Carolina Panthers, there are insiders, if there is not enough bidders to raise prices, so the Panther could sell at a low price, if it is true, nike nfl jerseys will thus become the Robin library and the Panther shareholders, and Michael Robin will be the largest shareholder, but also can have 25 members to share the Panther's shares, this acquisition is a panther, Curitiba, also have their own ideas. "You know, every day I have to work, but during the period when I was playing, I also call to a lot of people, a lot of people are trying to find a way to achieve this goal," curry said, "I really don't have to say what I'm interested in is not a day for two days and I'm very pleased to achieve this goal to do what, then let it become a reality." Buy the NFL team as a birthday gift? Currie is preparing for a group to buy Panther According to the Forbes valuation, Stephen - Curitiba, the total revenue in 2017 was $47 million 300 thousand, in the world of sports, this is the top income; while his partner's Diddy is worth up to $820 million, once again found a few people like them and Robin large shareholder so that their shareholders when it is easy to achieve. Robin is still trying to find other partners together to bid for the Panthers, NFL official bids will be opened in the next few weeks, to become the new owner of the Carolina Panthers must obtain the other team in the League more than 3/4 of the bosses of the support, according to sources, the first bid will begin in May, then we can look forward to. Whether you can get the team's library. The acquisition of a cheap nfl jerseys from china like Carolina Panthers is no longer a dream of Curie. He is gradually turning this into reality and becoming the owner of a NFL team. He is going to push the library directly into the upper class stage and become a real elite.